Buddee, Every Child's Motivating Friend

About Buddee

Buddee is a band designed for children that helps create good learning habits. Parents often find that their child does not enjoy doing their homework. Buddee creates habit forming behaviors through a Buddee system and uses the classroom as a community to build knowledge.

The Problem

Homework isn't fun

As a child, I hated homework. It took time away from playing with the other kids. I saw that my neighbors child hated it too. When I was over I noticed it took hours to get Lucy to finish up her homework, and it usually resulted in her crying and not completing it.


It started with the idea of a buddy system, and how a buddy could create a support system. There are countless studies stating having a buddy system increases the success rate. 

For children who do not have a support system at home, Buddee would be there to encourage and create those learning habits that are crucial for success in school.

The Solution

A supporting friend for all children

A community driven buddy system that is always their for the child. Having a watch allows the community to be more involved with each other outside of the school. Their already is an existing community within every classroom, and all children within the classroom are navigating through the same new learnings. Buddee simply connects the classroom environment anywhere the child goes.


The community within a classroom can be one of the most influential aspects of learning. All the children are going through the same coursework, and if a child can see others learning then they’ll feel empowered to do the same.

The Teachers Friend

Buddee is not only designed for children, it was designed with the thought of making learning fun. Buddee can be integrated with many homework assignments already being used. Teachers have the ability to see detailed insights into what students are getting a grasp of and what can be reviewed one more time.

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