Remind Me, A Location Based Reminder

About Remind Me

Remind me was designed with one simple thought. Remind me when I get there! This is a personal problem i was trying to solve, I only later found that many of us deal with the same thing. All too often do we begin setting up reminders only to realize that there isn't a specific time, but instead there is a place. Remind me is a location based reminder app.

Time VS Location

Through research and interviews I found that sometimes location was more important than time. Like telling yourself to pick up an item the next time you go to the store. It may not be urgent enough to warrant a trip, but you still need it.

Giving Acces To My What?

While testing, there seemed to be many users who were uncomfortable with the idea of location tracking. Rightly so, why should an app have access to my location? RemindMe’s access to location was crucial. This meant I had to give users some context as to why they should allow it.

Reminder Setting

When creating reminders, the process has to be fast and intuitive. The designed user flow went through multiple revisions to make it as seamless as possible.

As a user, I open the app and the initial view is the Home page. On the homepage I can create a new reminder by using the FAB. Then I am prompted to to enter the reminder along with some notes if necessary. I am then given the option to set the reminder by entering location or pinning it on map, and I am ready to go 👍


I created a prototype to test on users. It brought out more flaws than i had previously thought and really helped me think about the scenarios users might be going through. Such as, what if I want to pick up a gift when I'm near target, but it has to be before Saturdays party. Or what if I'm near teh location but i don't have etxra time, and need some kind of snooze option.

After the testing, I quickly learned that this was not close to being a shippable product. Users could accomplish the primary function well, but not in all occasions. I look forward to refining this product given the learnings from user testing.

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