Building a responsive website from scratch
UX & UI Design


Shunji (mock name Shunshi) is Japanese cuisine restaurant in Santa Monica. This project included a complete redesign of their website. The website is designed to fit well on mobile, tablet, and desktop breakpoints

Key Results: Designed then hand-coded a website using HTML, CSS and jQuery. While I don’t think this is the best approach to development this project is what introduced me to web design and development which I will forever be grateful for! Thank you Jamie Cavanaugh!

Skills: Wireframing, Responsive Design, Web Development

Platform: Web

Contribution: UI Design, Web Development, Quality Assurance

Tools: Tools: Illustrator, Dreamweaver, & a Whole Lot of Google & Code Pens

Project Duration: 8 Weeks, 2016

Team: Individual

Redesigning the Website

This is a very simple website that allowed customers to book reservations and find contact information. Below are the first round of wireframes created for this website, this is their landing page that holds the most critical information such as hours, location, and what they serve.



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