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User Research
User Testing
Service Design


We found areas of opportunity at Yummy a grocery delivery service, where we found customers were having the most doubts of the service. We improved the waiting experience so users always know when their groceries will arrive.

Key Results: Found areas of opportunity of a real world service that could improve user satisfaction in order to build it’s overall experience.

Skills: User Research, Service Design

Contribution: Conducted User Interviews, Service Blueprint

Tools: Illustrator, Sketch

Project Duration: 8 Weeks, 2016

Team: Melissa Kolko & Myself

About Yummy

We chose to look at Yummy.com because of it's innovative approach to grocery shopping. Yummy changes the traditional brick & mortar store experience of grocery shopping by allowing its users to shop quickly from anywhere and have their groceries delivered to their homes.

Field Research

Our first step was to conduct field research and find out If Yummy even had any problems. We talked to multiple employees at Yummy, including the store manager who gave us an end to end walkthrough of their service and how it worked. We also talked to a few customers of yummy, this where things got really exciting.

We found that the in-store process of receiving the order and sending it out for delivery was seamless. Customers also were pretty happy with their service, and so it seemed like this process was bulletproof.

Area of Opportunity

Imaged above, we mapped out the entire service based on our research. Notice the area the step that takes the longest. When a Yummy customer submits the order, they then wait for their groceries and this is where we found many customers had the most questions. Can I still add something to my order? When will they arrive? How do I know when they are outside my building?

Waiting With Uncertainty is a Bad User Experience

During the wait for delivery there was no communication to the customer about their order, this created many questions. Simple solution: what if users were given a window into yummy to see exactly where their order is at any point in time.


Create a mobile application that creates a relationship between the product and the user. The application focuses on interaction to keep the user involved and updated through the delivery process.

Making for a Better Customer Experience

The user will no longer feel anxious about which stage their groceries are at because the process will be presented in real-time through interactive and responsive step by step visual design and video feeds that provide instant feedback to the user.

The application will provide users with driver and picker information so the customer feels engaged and connected to the process, as well as a contact option for any last-minute requests.

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