Fluid Gestures, a gesture based productivity companion

This is a school project, that focused on multi device interactions.

About Fluid Gestures

A mobile application designed to enhance the experience between the user and their personal computer. Fluid Gestures is intended to be used as a companion to your personal computer.

It's enhanced functionality lies in giving your computer an external touchscreen in order to boost productivity by having quick commands.

Micro Interactions

Additional input

As a designer, I always have many windows open usually its a mix of Photoshop files, Sketch files, 17 chrome tabs, Trello boards, and well you get the picture.

I've envisioned a product where you can use your mobile device as a companion to our keyboards and mouse. By having our mobile device as the companion it allows us to take our work with us to any other computer and get right back into our session.

This touch based interaction works much differently than a trackpad, it instead only accepts commands based on your gestures. 

Gesture based

What if we could save and store all those tabs ad windows, with one single gesture? With a companion screen we have the ability to do so with a single gesture, and when you pivot back that task, well its just another gesture.

These gestures had to be as natural and fluid as possible, for this save function it would be as simple as drawing an "S".


As a user, the thing I hate most is when I've done something and then nothing happens and I'm left questioning whether I even did it in the first place. Gesture feedback is a critical part of this.

When you make your gesture on the companion app, the computer also gives feedback based on your gesture. In the save example, all open apps will save their exact session and give the user feedback as they save.

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